From our friends at Turn2Liberty Published on Jul 2, 2017 We are covering the days event, when the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners failed to pass a vote to re-locate a Confederate War Memorial statue, originally placed in 1911. We interview one of the commissioners that voted to re-locate it, and a pair of notable [...]

Gold is refined in the fire, and greatness is always born of struggle. By: Ryan Ramsey There is a bizarre notion in the Libertarian Party, that infighting is the reason we do not grow, and no bigger lie has ever been told. The vitriol between the Tea Party Republicans and the John McCain and Lindsey [...]

Want less government? Solve problems with private solutions, especially where the government has proven inadequate. Join us for a walk through the Florida woodlands, along a spring fed creek with Bradford County Libertarian Party Chairman Ryan Ramsey. (Cameo by a friend) He discusses unique local environmental issues related to springs and the Florida Aquifer. He [...]