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Tartan Day
April 6, 2017tartan

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.   -Marcus Garvey

“You have no reason to be proud of your ethnicity or heritage, being born is no achievement”. The words drip, like the blood of a fresh kill, off the predatory lips of Cultural Marxists. It is all the more infuriating due to the smug look on their faces as the spew this venom. This single sentiment has more to do with the destruction of liberty, and the American dream, than any other dose of poison injected into the body politic by these “Kevorkians of the culture”.

I am the father of two angelic little girls, and we are expecting my third child in August. I recently found out it is a son. He will be my my heir, and carry on my name, forming the…

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The Libertarian Party must not allow our opposition to unconstitutional wars to become perverted into disrespect for our nation’s active duty military and veterans. 5/4/2016 By: Ryan Ramsey William Ramsay was a close confidant of William Wallace. He signed the Declaration of Arbroath, the document that gave birth to what we now know as libertarian [...] “There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet the enemy” ― George Washington The Libertarian Party is poised to grow substantially in coming years. The membership must become aware of the violent groups gathered to oppose us, and of the way they hide behind seemingly noble causes. [...] Florida voters went to the polls and approved the use of medical cannabis this November. Unfortunately the drug war continues on multiple fronts, and if we seek to change the failed policy, we need to reconsider the way in which we market our ideas. A quarter or more of the nation scores as a [...]

A practical guide for success, in the moment we have all been waiting for. By: Ryan Ramsey Chairman, Bradford County Affiliate State Executive Committee Representative, Region 4 Libertarian Party of Florida Since 1971, Libertarians have dreamed of this day. The moment enough members of the one party system’s two factions “wake up”. The dawn of [...]