Springs, Natural Resources, And Libertarian Ideas On The Local Phosphate Mine Issue

Want less government? Solve problems with private solutions, especially where the government has proven inadequate.

Join us for a walk through the Florida woodlands, along a spring fed creek with Bradford County Libertarian Party Chairman Ryan Ramsey. (Cameo by a friend)

He discusses unique local environmental issues related to springs and the Florida Aquifer. He provides libertarian viewpoints and solutions to environmental issues, including a common sense solution for the phosphate mine controversy in Bradford and Union Counties.

Bradford County lies in a region of Florida that is home to the largest concentration of natural springs on earth, posing unique challenges when property rights collide with environmental issues that could damage an entire region.

Like most problems in society, there is a libertarian solution available – a privately funded one that does not require government. One that respects the rights of business owners and protects precious resources.

Many in the modern environmentalist movement are what is known as “watermelons”. Green on the outside, red on the inside. They are promoting Marxism by using environmental issues to attack the economy and business, since they cannot market their ideas honestly.

The best course of action for the Libertarian Party is to inject a fresh perspective into the current stalemate between cultural Marxists regarding environmental issues. If the left continues to control the narrative the environment still loses. Seen the Yangtze River lately? Marxists are terrible stewards of the planet, the left’s environmental policy just adds poverty to pollution.

We offer an alternative to the status quo, seen here: