An Open Letter To David Hogg

I sent this to David Hogg on his Twitter feed on March 27, 2018, in response to his statement that if adults don’t use Democracy he will use it for us.

By Ryan Ramsey


This is a Republic, not a Democracy.

Democracy is mob rule, tyranny of the majority.

In a Republic we respect the rule of law that protects even the smallest minority, the individual.

The most important of those is the Second Amendment, for it protects every other natural right.

It was designed to ensure the balance of power always leans toward the citizen rather than government.

It does so by protecting their right to own military weapons as a final check and balance against state violation of their inalienable and natural born rights.

You need to shut your mouth until you finish your education. Research the origin of the term “useful idiot”.

While what happened was tragic, gun violence has been steadily declining for decades as the number of firearms in circulation has increased exponentially.

Watch some footage of the holocaust and bombed out cities in WW2, that’s what happens to a disarmed populace.

What you fail to realize is that laws don’t stop madmen, guns do. 100 million died last century under Communist regimes because they were disarmed. Just 50 years ago in this country we had state segregation of blacks and forced sterilization. It can and will happen here.

You should stop blaming tools, which is what rifles are. Blame the “Cowards of Broward” who did NOT use their guns. Blame the “Gun Free School Zone Act” that prevents veterans like me from carrying a gun when I work on schools. I would have laid my life down to protect you.

You should also blame government education, that never taught you about any of the things I just said.

I know you are angry, but you are focusing it in the wrong direction.

There are only two possible outcomes to legislation banning the right to own military weapons by citizens. Bloody revolution, or mass murder and slavery at the hands of the state. The death toll won’t be 17, it will be millions. Do you want that blood on your hands David?


  • fredrikcoulter March 27, 2018 at 7:35 pm Reply

    In general I agree with your open letter. The only part I disagree with is the paragraph about completing education. “You need to shut your mouth until you finish your education. Research the origin of the term “useful idiot”.” The notion of a completed education is an oxymoron. Normally, education stops when you die. Until then, you are learning new things all the time. (Telling someone to “shut their mouth” is also not going to get a favorable response.)

    A better response would be something like: “Up to this point, your formal education has been filtered by a liberal, statist bias. As such, your proposed solutions will exclude input from any other viewpoint. I’d recommend that you go beyond the comfort zone of your formal education and search for multiple viewpoints prior to proposing solutions to complex problems.” Or something similar. You can tell someone that they don’t have all the information necessary to make good policy proposals without insulting them.

    Yes, he’s young. But so were the founding fathers. The difference is that the founding fathers studied different viewpoints, while Mr. Hogg is being fed a monolithic view of the world. Is it any wonder that his responses to the world will follow that same viewpoint?

  • CK Wallis August 28, 2018 at 9:14 pm Reply

    Well said…very well said. I hope David reads it.

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