In response to the Republican Party of Florida embracing gun control, the Libertarian Party of Bradford County Would Like To Make Sure You All Have These Blueprints. AR-15: AR-10: Ruger 10-22: 1911: vz 58: Beretta 92FS: Liberator:

A few days before a contentious vote for Libertarian Party leadership, we received a reminder of what really matters. We have met some truly horrible people in our journey through the LP. We have also met some of the most amazing humans on earth and they make it all worth it. To say the last [...]

Agenda Annual Business Meeting Annual Business Meeting Saturday June 23rd 5pm Downtown Grille, Starke, Fl 5:00 PM 1. Call to order, welcome from the Chair - Ryan Ramsey 1. Call to order, welcome from the Chair - Ryan Ramsey 5:05 PM 2. Nominations and elections for Vice Chair 2. Nominations and elections for Vice Chair [...]

By:  Lauren Anthony Liberty through a lawyer’s eyes “The civil rights issue of our generation will be a decrease in individual rights due to safety, especially in regard to terrorism.” “The Fourth Amendment has been emasculated with exceptions; we worship a memory.”  These grim observations were proffered by attorney Phillip Kuhn, a man whose principles [...]

The oath breakers in Tallahassee seem to have forgotten what the Second Amendment is all about. We reminded them today in Ocala, with hundreds marching while open carrying loaded AR-15's, AK's, and other rifles. Ballots or bullets, either way you lose dirtbags, and the outcome is entirely on you. Violating inalienable rights constitutes initiation of [...]

The following is a report on a proposed amendment to Florida's Constitution for the November 2018 ballot, "Amendment 5", by Ryan Ramsey of the Legislative Action Committee of the Libertarian Party of Florida. He addresses the major arguments for and against in the block quotes below the statements made by the legislators. This report will [...]

I sent this to David Hogg on his Twitter feed on March 27, 2018, in response to his statement that if adults don't use Democracy he will use it for us. By Ryan Ramsey @davidhogg111 This is a Republic, not a Democracy. Democracy is mob rule, tyranny of the majority. In a Republic we respect [...]