A few days before a contentious vote for Libertarian Party leadership, we received a reminder of what really matters. We have met some truly horrible people in our journey through the LP. We have also met some of the most amazing humans on earth and they make it all worth it. To say the last [...]

Agenda Annual Business Meeting Annual Business Meeting Saturday June 23rd 5pm Downtown Grille, Starke, Fl 5:00 PM 1. Call to order, welcome from the Chair - Ryan Ramsey 1. Call to order, welcome from the Chair - Ryan Ramsey 5:05 PM 2. Nominations and elections for Vice Chair 2. Nominations and elections for Vice Chair [...]

The following is a report on a proposed amendment to Florida's Constitution for the November 2018 ballot, "Amendment 5", by Ryan Ramsey of the Legislative Action Committee of the Libertarian Party of Florida. He addresses the major arguments for and against in the block quotes below the statements made by the legislators. This report will [...]

In less than 24 months a barren 9 county region is transformed into a Libertarian powerhouse. Join us in continuing to build on our success! In October 2015, the nine counties of LPF Region 4 had zero affiliates and no Regional Representative, due to the former Representative, Crystal Turner, moving out of Florida. The Alachua [...]

Gold is refined in the fire, and greatness is always born of struggle. By: Ryan Ramsey There is a bizarre notion in the Libertarian Party, that infighting is the reason we do not grow, and no bigger lie has ever been told. The vitriol between the Tea Party Republicans and the John McCain and Lindsey [...]