Dissecting the LNC Anti-Socialism Motion

There is hard science behind the need for this motion. I will give the benefit of the doubt to current “Nay” votes, and document and explain why their vote is extraordinarily harmful to our efforts.


Below is the text of a motion before the Libertarian National Committee. It should be a “no-brainer”, but there is hard science showing it is absolutely key to ending our marginalization, which is the result of public perception we exist to spoil elections so Democrats can win and are in bed with the American left. My open letter to the body follows.

Motion 18-22
WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party supports the free market and therefore
the right of privatization of property as an extension of the

WHEREAS, the Statement of Principles of The Libertarian Party explicitly
supports the right to private property ownership, including the right to
do business utilizing that property as capital;

WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party strongly supports the rights of
individuals to own private property including land, structures, natural
resources and other private space through homesteading, purchase, and
other lawful libertarian means;

WHEREAS, ownership of private property, including but not limited to
land and housing, does not require continual or personal use to exist as
justly owned property unless otherwise abandoned;

WHEREAS, these have been part of the principles of the Libertarian Party
since its inception;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Socialist and Communist property
ownership schemes, including the collectivization of property, unlawful
usurpation of property, and incorrect characterizations of private
property, unless otherwise voluntarily agreed by all parties, are
incompatible with the philosophy of the Libertarian Party.

Dear LNC,

I am impressed that many of you have noted the Libertarian echo chamber in other debates, and would like to put that at the front of your mind, because this effect , and a lack of mission clarity, are at the root of the reasons we have a fraction of a percent registered with the LP among an electorate where issue based polling indicates 25% or more agree with us.

                                                                 Mission Clarity

First of all, I wish to point out the mission of the LP. It is one component of a broad liberty movement. A political party’s singular purpose is to see the law changed to reflect our political outlook, and elect candidates willing to do so.

The decisions about public posturing on issues and messaging should be made by understanding how the public thinks, accurately noting momentum of various movements in the culture, gaining deep insight into the relationship between the current major parties and their voters and taking advantage when opportunity presents itself, and finding ways to inject our views into the national conversation in ways that gain us allies, which sometimes means picking the right people to be enemies with.

We have zero elected officials in the federal government. We do not get to set the terms, or pick the issues. Talking about how we want it to be is great, join the Rothbardian Circle, write a book, go to an event and sit at the bar and pontificate. Here we look at how it IS and how to gain traction and divert voters away from the major parties.

                                                     Why You Should Listen To Me

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my work, I was a founding member of one of the most successful grass roots lobbying efforts in the US, Florida Carry, before coming to the LP, where I hold the record for counties affiliated by any Region Rep. in Florida history and lead the state in qualified candidates for the November election. Having been elected to the LPF EC in April 2016 for the first time, we had zero candidates in the last election. In the period between we have seated multiple officials including a mayor.

I was able to accomplish all this during relentless hacking, social media bans, attacks from the press, and internal sabotage, all of it was the work of “Socialist Libertarians”, who called me a Nazi and everything you can think of. There never was any Nazis, although they did drive a former candidate into the alt-right, but he knew he was going to be unwelcome and left the LP to do so.

I was an easy target, as I used to be involved in far right circles, but the inability to stop Libertarian growth in Florida caused them to show their true colors. They started calling the Egyptian author of this very motion and our Cuban chair Nazi white supremacists and everyone realized these were just Marxists who know that if the LP becomes a major party, a century of Socialist advancement will come to an end. They have been wreaking havoc among us to prevent that situation.

They are smarter than most of you, and have been studying psychology since COMINTERN commissioned the Frankfurt School/Institute For Social Research in the 1920’s. If you do not know about this organization you are fighting for liberty with a blindfold on, and need to watch THIS VIDEO after you read the rest of this. In the past we have inadvertently been aiding and abetting the Marxists at times, and this has lead to the public perception of the LP as a leftist entity. (Save the left/right paradigm crap. That is how the 99% of voters not registered with the LP see the world, so that is the battlefield.)

While being falsely accused of being a “White Nationalist”. I was actually involved in psychological research that has led me to understand the things I am laying before you now. I volunteered as a research subject after being recruited by a team of psychologists, neuroscientists, and sociologists crafting de-radicalization programs to combat violent extremism. There is apparently a large body of research into what causes people to become extremists,but very little into what makes them abandon toxic movements.

As someone who did so and took it a step further by embracing the Non-Aggression Principle, and found great success in peaceful political organizing, they flew to Florida from California to interview me. They have also interviewed, or will be interviewing, many other members of the American Guard, which has successfully marginalized the fascists that always follow the transition from Social Democracy into full Socialism. We did so by asserting the American identity, in particular the Bill of Rights, as the true opposition to Marxism.

We showed how many of the ethno-Nationalists were sympathetic to Socialism, and videos like the one of Richard Spencer below destroyed his credibility. We forbid them from attending a rally, and he complains about us in one part.


These were early forays into applying the data from this field, and as I read the work of the researchers studying me, and the work they cited, I saw the reason we have failed to take our proper role as a major party glaring at me. They were doing live brain scans of people while exposing them to political content. This was the “lightbulb moment”. Time for a pop quiz.

-Who has bombed the most brown people in the last 50 years?

A) Republicans and Democrats

B) KKK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Who has unjustly beaten or killed more black people in the US during the last 50 years                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A) Skinheads

B) Police working under Republicans or Democrats

I realized that the same things these guys are developing to get people to leave extremist movements are also how we get people to leave the Republicans and Democrats. Ultimately I founded my own study to craft outreach models for the LP. These will be peer reviewed and prove the effectiveness of varying applications of the concepts, and ultimately we will be able to give campaigns the tools to win every time.

As part of that effort, I am building a panel of Libertarians from across the country to provide insight into identity components from their various demographics, which includes the author of this motion and others on the LNC, and prominent officers and activists you all know and respect.

Understand that I am not coming to you from a philosophical or opinion based approach. I am carrying tons of peer reviewed research behind my statements. I would love nothing more than to see all of you become experts, but even a rudimentary knowledge will change the game for us.

I am coming to you with a proven track record organizing above and beyond all expectations for the LP, and backing that up with science, while conducting a research study in this area. If that is not enough to warrant consideration, then I question your motives. I am going to lay out a few basic concepts of how to change political opinion, followed by a critique of this debate and the substance of some of the arguments made in light of these insights.

                                                      The Cliffs Notes Version

  • At the age of 21 or so, personal and political identity become fused together. Challenges to this identity cause mental and physical discomfort. That is why you cannot change a lefty’s view on gun control with comparing crime in Chicago to Orlando, and why your proof cannabis is good for cancer does not sway a Christian Conservative.
  • In THIS email, the Region 5 Alternate makes this statement:

I feel like this sets up a “You’re either with us or you’re with the Socialists” trap for members who are carefully considering their vote.

This is a trap alright, but it is not set by the movers, but a condition of evolutionary biology and the way humans form political identities. Larry Sharpe said “Libertarians have been winning arguments and losing elections for 45 years”. This is a major component of our lack of traction. THIS article from FEE explains what many of you are missing. Politics is a team sport.

“My mistake was trying to use policy arguments to persuade people that the politicians they are voting for don’t care about women or minorities or peace or jobs or privacy. I was baffled when these arguments failed, but the reason is simple: the voters don’t care about these things any more than their representatives do. They just want the blue team to beat the red team.”

The current battlefield is binary, on one side is the Democrats and ANTIFA pepper spraying old ladies, and the other side is Republicans who are nearly all Libertarian by the 80/20 rule. They hate their leaders, and the more their leadership undermined Trump, the more they love him.

Policy is irrelevant. If we want to institute our policies, step one is convince them we are on their team and then institute step 2. The Democrats don’t have an ideology, they are a coalition of special interests empowered by membership in the coalition. They only come in large numbers when we can empower them. The low hanging fruit is the horribly represented Republican voters and Conservative independents, I went through all those camps, and they are starving for a home.

All the things Libertarians hate about them is their leadership. They don’t like war and they damn sure hate taxes. They love more than anything to have black and gay people on their side, why do you think Milo and Thomas Sowell are so damn popular? All you need to do is tell them you aren’t a goddamn commie left winger and they would have been for gay marriage the whole time.

The left doesn’t hate guns because they are dangerous, they aren’t, they hate guns because the other team loves them. The average Republican doesn’t care who you love, they just identify the gay movement with the left, so they balk. Showing minorities how the left has used their struggles for political gain while perpetuating them to keep power will be a major feature when we unleash step 2 on the Dems when it is their turn.

  • Step 2, introduction of identity conflict. Following the Republican legislature passing an onerous gun control bill in Florida last March, I joined a Facebook group full of pro gun Conservatives. I planted seeds like “It has been almost a quarter century since the GOP even PROPOSED a balanced budget…how is that fiscally Conservative?” I delivered Tar and Feathers to the GOP Senators who voted for the gun control, and spoke out against them in the Wall Street Journal with our Convention Chair, and then bought a pitchfork and conducted welcome home rallies at their businesses, calling it “Operation ‘Make it Hurt”.


This is the key insight, understanding the hierarchy of identity in a target demographic, and introducing a conflict that causes them the same biological discomfort we used to cause them calling them “statist”. Now the discomfort is a realization your party loyalty has been put above your belief in the Second Amendment. In the southeast US, the 2A is a top level identity component.

It was not long until a bunch of them quit and formed an LPF affiliate and they are fielding multiple candidates in the coming election.

You don’t tell people they are dumb, you tell them the Republicans are fake ass Conservatives we have the foreign policy of the founding fathers and want Constitutional carry. You do not challenge their identity, you induce a conflict that forces them to adopt the Libertarian identity to keep it. No matter what you do you NEVER IDENTIFY WITH THEIR OPPOSITION.

The LP under Sarwark is a festival of identifying with their opposition, and that is why this motion is so crucial. This is all most Americans know about us:

Interview: Nicholas Sarwark says “the right is no longer a natural ally” of libertarianism, explains why




Libertarian Party Chairman Denounces Ron Paul’s Support for States’ Rights

LP Chairman Takes a Swipe at Your Host


EXCLUSIVE: Head Of Libertarian Party Named In Wikileaks List Of Secret US Intelligence Assets


All of this says “We are with the Socialist/left/blue team”. This is what we are known as, with some Satan memes on Easter and a healthy dose of pedophilia from Nicks speech against a motion condemning sex with children at the AZ convention, in the wake of the former Vice-Chair’s parting gifts. There is no higher identity component than disgust for people who screw kids. This age of consent BS is the worst thing possible. Your open borders crap in public, and the platform edit made when the lemmings chant “build a wall” is the best way to keep us powerless to free those kids from those cages.

If we condemned Socialism, we could win the game. The Conservative opposition to letting people in easier is the 116 billion dollar discrepancy between taxes paid and the fiscal burden of illegal immigrants, now let us see who is the first to go full Keynes and make an indirect benefit argument. If we crafted an actual replacement policy that addressed Socialism we could paint the GOP into a corner where they had no excuse not to pass it because racism is all that would be left. But why win when we can virtue signal and become a ridiculous caricature? Right guys?

Here is how we look to the general public right now:


What we should be doing is outreach to the latino community about the fact Socialism is the barrier to immigration. Some irony is that I am one of the few officers anywhere reaching out to the black community, where I am extolling the harm to their community by Socialist programs, and making direct appeals for them to abandon the Democrats and vote Libertarian, as well as detailing how Marxist agitators hijacked the civil rights movement. Then explain to Republicans how the real estate and contractor donors to the GOP make sure they never really do anything, and that we have a plan to fix the immigration system in a way that undermines Socialism, because those damn RINOS just let Socialism grow.

  • We will not become “Republican Lite”.                                                                      Research proves that once the new identity is adopted people either go back or become more immersed. They wont make us Republican they will become more Libertarianism, just like I did and just like all of you who come from that side of the aisle.

Our internal conflict is due to people keeping old identity components above the LP. You process that on your own time.



Murray Rothbard already explained this because he was ahead of his time. We have to pick a side, and considering the dominant collectivist ideology on earth is Marxism, this motion should be unanimous.

  • The mere fact reps told you it was a problem and the ease of typing yes, means there is no excuse.
  • The battlefield being binary at the moment, there are 2 sides. Communists/Democrats/ANTIFA/Left, and limited government Conservatives who hate their own party and get called Nazis all day by the Communists/Democrats/ANTIFA/Left. This body blasted the news outlets with a demand for imaginary  white nationalists, the accused including myself, the Egyptian author of the motion, and our Cuban chair.                                                                  Screenshot_2018-08-17_04-41-25.png                                                                                                                                                     This body allowed Socialists trying to undermine Libertarians in Florida to manipulate it into lending credibility to their nonsense, yet a guy in a hammer and sickle t-shirt runs for chair while AnCom flags fly and booths are set up in NOLA and “there is no need, it is in our statement of principle”, “you are just picking on a few members ignore them”.



Don’t get upset at me, I am just telling you how the public will view this.

  • This is becoming a pattern. It was not long ago this body refused to say they support the Cubans imprisoned for opening the Benjamin Franklin library in Havana. Zach Foster and myself and others had to create national pressure and twist you damn arms. They founded the Libertarian Party of Cuba and the prisoners were released. At the time some of you made similar excuses. I remember one “What does our statement do to help? Its pointless”. Later they said the public attention and support we forced you to give kicking and screaming was a huge factor in them not being tortured to death. It is not helping perception that you seem to find an excuse to be soft on commies at every turn.
  • The American identity centered around the Bill of Rights is one of the highest level components in the electorate’s psyche. “Make America Great Again” was all it took to crush the GOP establishment, remember they hate Trump. He is 2 terms max. Capitalize on that energy, I am saying, the sequel is called Make America Free Again, and involves us taking 30% of Congress. If you guys would just quit acting like left wing rejects we could get a half million people out of prison and stop the global perpetual war, the welfare state and so man other noble goals. All you have to do is establish the fact we are not with the Socialists.


Now we wait and find out which of you is working for the government, majors, foreign governments, or NGO’s. Your move LNC, pick a team.

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