Libertarians and Andrew Gillum’s Butthurt

The story of the Libertarian Party of Bradford County began in 2011, when the current Chair started his political career by helping push a landmark gun rights bill through the Florida Senate. That bill has protected Tallahassee residents from Andrew Gillum and his wicked plans, and is the thorn in “Southern Stalin’s” side.

Above is a mini-Documentary about LPF Region 4 Representative, Bradford County Chairman, and former Florida House Candidate Ryan Ramsey’s initial work with Florida Carry.

His political career began helping to pass the landmark gun rights bill that has Andrew Gillum so angry, because it holds him accountable for his reckless attempts to defy the law.

This mini-Documentary includes audio of his first appearances in the Florida Senate in 2010/11, and the story behind the successful effort to pass SB-234.

Nearly a decade before Andrew Gillum embarked on his quest to be the Stalin of Florida, a handful of men foresaw the need to fix major gun rights issues.

One of them was Ryan Ramsey. In 2009 he founded Jacksonville Open Carry, subsequently uniting with other local gun rights activists to launch Florida Carry Inc. He led Jacksonville residents in the first “open carry fish-in” under threat of arrest.

Their first bill was SB-234. It put teeth in the preemption law that prevents municipalities from circumventing the right to own and carry arms since 1987. There were no specified penalties and it was routinely violated by corrupt leftist run municipalities.

One provision of SB-234 made mayors and other officials personally liable for violating the rule of law. Accountability for elected officials is essential for a free society.

Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for the legal defense of elected officials who thumb their noses at statute. That just encourages lawlessness by men with guns, there is no good outcome. This video includes dramatic footage and accounts of the abuse of power.

It was common sense, and part of a broad reform package that included a repeal on the prohibition of open carry.

Andrew Gillum is the monster that SB-234 was written to stop. He talks about law enforcement abuse while being endorsed by all the worst offenders.

His cause is to allow cities to take God given rights away in an orgy of racism accusations.

The irony is that video of black men open carrying and observing police stops from Oakland during the civil rights struggle originally inspired Chair Ramsey and many others.

A Republican Senator, Ellyn Bogdanoff, used some parliamentary tricks to take the open carry portion out of SB-234, but it was overall a huge success.

When the enemies of liberty tried to exploit dead kids for political gain, our work stopped them. Gillum was sued and the best part? No taxpayer had to defend them.

Today Florida Carry has 20,000 members and an impressive list of accomplishments. It is considered one of the most successful grass roots efforts in the nation.

Chair Ramsey continues to fight for open carry, and was there in 2016 with his charismatic CSPOA Sheriff of Bradford County, Gordon Smith.

The LPBCF is a member of the Freedom Coalition, the latest project by CSPOA founder Sheriff Richard Mack. We work with good LEO’s but we must confront bad ones.

In the video below, Chair Ramsey convinces even a female Democrat to vote yes on open carry, but an adultress RINO would later sabotage the 2A.

After solid success in committee votes on the open carry bill in 2016, Republican Senator Flores, AKA Whor-es, followed the traditon set by Bogdanov (R), Portilla (R) and the new anti-gun GOP. Realizing the defenders of the Constitution had the votes, she refused to schedule one.

Emboldened by the success of his gun rights activism, he co-founded The Florida Liberty Project in 2014 with a fellow liberty activist named Brandi Hicks.

They met the mother of Jason Westcott, killed over a fraudulent search warrant by Tampa police.

They decided to seek “Justice For Jason”, in the form of the “Jason Westcott Uniform Florida Body Camera Act”.

Finding no Democrat or Republican willing to file it, after meeting with legislators for months, and realizing it was approaching a quarter century since the GOP even proposed a balanced budget…they decided the status quo needed competition. They began attending LPF Affiliate meetings in Duval County in early 2015, seeking to empower the party in Florida.

By late 2015 he had fallen in love with Brandi, and when she relocated to his home,in Bradford County, the activists turned lovers founded the Libertarian Party of Bradford County.

The next spring, 2016 Ryan was elected Regional Representative of a 9 county area. He would go on to set a state record, by founding the most county affiliates in LPF history.

In early 2018 the Republican Party reached a new low. Exploiting the blood of dead schoolchildren in a quest to gain a Senate Seat, lame duck GOP Governor Rick Scott forced through a law that bars gun ownership for adults under 21.

Today “Skeletor” seeks a US Senate seat where the Governor Scott, who claimed citizens under 21 were too irresponsible to buy a .22, will be Senator Scott and appropriate money to buy machine guns to be put in the hands of 18 year olds and send them to fight wars on behalf of criminal banksters.

Scott even criticized Nelson for not doing enough on gun control in a press concerence. The world was officially mad.

Chair Ramsey accepted losing that round, and there was nothing left to do but bring back an age old tradition, Tar and Feathers.

He then launched “Operation Make It Hurt”, and with a pitchfork and a megaphone picketed the personal businesses of the treacherous oath breaking legislators, and their online ratings went to 1 star.

With the imminent threat of a Stalinist in the Governor’s mansion and a gun grabbing Republican in the Senate, it looks like a dark future.

At least Florida still has Libertarians to stand up for your rights.

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