LPBCF Endorses Chris Rose II After ANTIFA Enters Race

Normally we do not endorse candidates in other counties for county level races unless they ask, but in this case Rose is opposing a literal inmate’s candidacy to run the asylum.

The LPBCF has decided to officially endorse Chris Rose II for Alachua County Soil and Water Board.

His opponent is so ridiculous, that to top this level of absurdity you would have to run Jeffrey Dahmer for Chief Medical Examiner or appoint Jeffrey Epstein to head children and family services.


The opponent is an open member of ANTIFA.

ANTIFA is a global network of terror cells that function as the modern brownshirts for global Communism.

The violent mobs assaulting and maiming innocent people is bad enough, but there are 3 additional issues, directly related to the office, that make his opponent a ridiculous choice.

The first issue is that environmental disaster is a hallmark of leftism. The left only feigns to care about the environment when it can be used as an excuse to undermine the economy or give the government more power.

I refer to this crowd as “watermelons”, because they are green on the outside – but red on the inside.

One of the reasons the Libertarian Party is fielding so many candidates for these positions is because we want to showcase the power of voluntaryism by using these unpaid positions to ACTUALLY clean the local environment, instead of advance ulterior motives.

The fact that the ulterior motive of the ANTIFA terrorists is the furtherance of a philosophy that resulted in over 100 million murders last century adds a dark underbelly to the whole situation.

There is no debate that when Marxists of any flavor gain government power, the environment suffers along with everything else. Below are some pictures of what the Soviet Russia, China, and North Korea have done to the soil and water.


Former Soviet Russia

North Korea

The second reason to scoff at his opponent is the direct action of ANTIFA to harm the environment across the planet. Their main activity, besides assault and murder….. is polluting their local community.

They are most famous for arson, and taking trash back OUT of the cans and dumpsters, and strewing it everywhere, or piling garbage in the streets to block roads. It doesn’t take a degree from UF to see this pollutes groundwater and diverts resources from other cleanup projects.

The mobs they form and the arson they perpetrate can both require a fire hose to suppress.

I am struggling to imagine a bigger waste of water than hosing down Communist agitators and the fires they start, and this water leaches back into the soil and water laden with chemicals in toxic stew of carcinogenic chemicals from the fires.

Furthermore the air gets polluted via toxic smoke from their arson activities. ANTIFA also uses a variety of synthetic or petroleum based chemicals as accelerants to start the fires. Nearly all are toxic and carcinogenic.

Poorly made molotov cocktails pollute the groundwater when they fail to properly ignite, and when they are well made they start fires, and every bit of that smoke spreads pollution across the community.

Antifa Arson in Philadelphia

ANTIFA arson Berkley, Ca

The third reason is the usual reason to hate ANTIFA, which is their use of violence for political aims, made worse by the fact the people targeted are judged through such a narrow lens, that everyone who is not a Communist is a Nazi/Fascist to these mental midgets.

Rose was present at hearings with the LPBCF and LPBOC in which we presented a proposal to the Orlando City Council to solve the controversy surrounding the Lake Eola monument by joining together to build a monument to the victims of slavery, myself as the descendant of Confederates, and others in the LP that were descendents of slaves.

Instead of tearing down a memorial to a group of veterans, pardoned and given status as such by Congress multiple times, we could build one to those enslaved as well.

It could have been a beautiful healing moment but the left exploits race the same way they exploit the environment, as a tool to gain power.

Race issues are always framed in a manner that serves to divide and conquer by Marxists. We may have lost that vote but at least we proved that point, when we forced them to chose hate and dishonor the memory of Florida veterans when given the chance to bring us together.

His opponent punished Chris Rose II by plastering flyers calling him a racist all over town, using a stock picture from one of the monument rallies with Confederate flags in it. Reality is he tried to heal our racial wounds while his opponent was tearing them open and making new ones.

Allow me to illustrate the proof of the dishonest nature of these so called “anti-racists”. I made this meme a few days ago, with the flyer, and an actual picture from that day, before the creative edit.

Chris Rose could be walking around with a boot on his head giving away ponies and be far more credible than any ANTIFA terrorist on this soil. This is the easiest vote anyone ever chose in Alachua County.

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