Migrant Caravan Reality Check

There are 2 sides it seems regarding the migrant caravan.

One is they are an invading army.

The other is that 5000 people is no big deal and you are a racist if you don’t welcome them.

Both sides are wrong, and both are taking the bait from the Globalists responsible for the exploitation of these migrants.

This is about creating emotional reactions for political gain in the midterm elections.

Mexico broke up the last caravan in April. They always have before, and I doubt most readers know much about the brutality of the Mexican border guards. Mexico does not let anyone or anything through they do not want to get through.

Mexican border guards rob migrants and throw them from trains for sport.

Have you ever wondered why nobody you know has a vacation home there?

It is because foreigners cannot own land within 100 km of the border or 50 km from the coast according to article 29 of the Mexican Constitution.

My prediction is that if the Democrats win the Senate, Mexico breaks it up. If the Republicans win the Senate they will force a showdown and hope the migrants get beat or killed so the “Progressives” can add to the hatred they have worked to build for nearly a century.

The government of Mexico is only letting this happen because they want to demagogue the situation in hopes of helping their allied Democratic Socialists make gains in the elections here.

If you are a Republican, don’t take the bait. They are antagonizing you on purpose. These people are being exploited as much as the left exploits the citizens of the US. They win if they can get you mad, ignore them.

If you are a Democrat…. you need professional help, along with extensive study in history and economics. You don’t have time for the plight of migrants being used by Globalist goons as scapegoats and hate bait.

If you are a Libertarian, shut up and stay out of it or else you are letting them control the narrative and allowing us to be polarized along with one side or the other.

The reality of immigration is that when Libertarians are in charge we will put America first and stop fighting the wars for the same Globalists working with the Mexican government to stir this up.

We will end all the Socialism. We will end the drug war’s failed policy, eliminate the cartels, and reduce drug abuse 50% or more.

Then there will not be an immigration problem.

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