Commissar Nick Sarwark Digs His Hole Deeper

Outed by WikiLeaks as a state asset, he tries to weasel out of a bad spot with a hilarious lie.

By: Ryan Ramsey

The articles began to hit the press over the weekend, confirming the suspicions of most of the countries libertarians. LNC Chair Nick Sarwark was listed in a WikiLeak as a state agent on the payroll of Stratfor, the organization known as the “shadow CIA“.

When 71 Republic broke the story, Sarwark came up with a quick lie that confirmed the suspicions.

“The Excel spreadsheet is a list of gift memberships to Stratfor’s email newsletter. My brother-in-law bought me a one-year gift subscription for Christmas in 2008. I did not renew after it expired,” Sarwark said.

The punchline is that the list has nothing to do with “gifts”. GIFT is an acronym for “Global Intelligence Files Team”. It is a list of paid informants and state clients who contract services from the group.

As stated in the Free Though Project’s article:
This excuse still does not match up with the Wikileaks press release, which states that these names are high-level assets and not just average subscribers. Still, if what Sarwark says is true, a subscription to intelligence briefings is a strange gift to pass between family members, and even stranger for someone who claims to be a Libertarian.

Furthermore, who buys a newsletter subscription to the “shadow CIA’s” newsletter for a practicing Jewish man for Christmas through a subsidiary of the recipients used car lot? It is an obvious lie, and suggests the over dabbing and excessive use of marijuana edibles created a slip up for a guy who used to be highly skilled at deception.

What sort of services would he be contracting with the “shadow CIA” for?

During this time period, he was ascending to party leadership. One of Stratfor’s specialties is undermining political organizations. They were contracted to help an oil company undermine Greenpeace operations, for example.

Looking at Sarwark’s relentless sabotage of Libertarian Party efforts around the US, the bizarre behavior of Sarwark and his cronies make perfect sense now.

One can easily imagine the plan to undermine the LP created for Commissar Sarwark.

Sarwark is the architect of such debacles as heroin needle memes with “legalize all drugs”, satan memes on easter, attack Ron Paul and Tom Woods, support ANTIFA violence in the media, insult the entire right while upholding the worst of the left, and last week he spoke out in support of anti-gun walkouts, forced on the nation’s youth by government school teacher unions.

LNC Vice Chair and Sarwark lackey Arvin Vohra doesn’t seem so insane when you realize he is also purposefully sabotaging the LP. His crusade to legalize pedophilia, insult veterans and teachers, that he doubles down on with each criticism, makes perfect sense in context.

This is to be expected, lesser parties than the LP face subversion. Last week there were revelations the GOP was paying a Green Party candidate as an operative.

The state is not going to let us just ascend to power and end the FED, the IRS, the ATF, the drug war, the prison and military industrial complexes, and restore the Republic without sending people like Nick Sarwark to try and stop us.

Don’t be discouraged or scared, be proud. They would not have sent Sarwark to stop us if we were not a threat.


Ryan Ramsey is serving his third term on the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Florida, as the Region 4 Representative. He also serves as Chairman of the Bradford County Affiliate.

He is also a candidate for Florida House of Representatives and gun rights activist.

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