On Life, Liberty, and Infanticide

My son, Alexander, was 6 days old in 2017 when I tried to breathe life into him, to no avail. SIDS they called it. He was beautiful. I love him, and I weep for him as I write this. I will miss him every day until I join him in the next life.

Alexander Russell Ramsey

Alexander Ramsey was still a person 7 days earlier, inside of Brandi. He was not a “fetus”, he was my son. I refuse to sit quietly and allow the state to rob the humanity from the most defenseless demographic in our society, declaring the power of their life and death to be the sole dominion of an arbitrary decision made by other people.

A week before Alexander died in my arms, it was legal to murder him for profit in many states. Not long ago it was legal to deny rights to black people too. Legal does not make it okay. The Hyde Amendment stops public funding of abortion as well as changing the memo line on foreign military aid to economic aid keeps rogue states from buying weapons with it.

While the left loves to pretend they are friends of black America, these mass murders began as policy developed in furtherance of a state sponsored eugenics program, based on the racist idea black people are stupid and posed a drain on the aims of the Socialists and racists who pushed abortion on America.

The infanticide death toll in black America is already approaching 18 million, that is 3 times the death toll of Hitlers camps during WW2, for those scoring at home.

These mass murders are expressly carried out to further social and political goals, making it a fundamental violation of a core tenet of the Libertarian Party, the “Non-Aggression Principle”, or NAP.

Future generations will look back on this generation much as we look at those who enslaved Africans, and wonder….”what the hell was the matter with them”?

I beam with pride when I think of how one of my ancestors was among the first abolitionists in Scotland. He told slavers and slave traders to their faces that what they were doing was deplorable during those days of insanity.

It was said after James Ramsay died in 1789:

“His enemies acknowledged his exemplary qualities, while deploring the intemperate language of his books; and the abolition of the British slave trade in 1807 probably owed more to James Ramsay’s personal integrity, ethical arguments, and constructive proposals than to any other influence.”

I fully intend on making sure my progeny will one day look back and know that I boldly condemned the evil of my day, and nothing could be more evil than infanticide for convenience.

My enemies also cry rivers over my intemperate language at times, call it a Clan tradition.

With any luck my descendents will gain strength from my word and deed, and call out whatever sick and wicked things men come up with……and justify with BS….in future generations.

You might think you’re a good person, and defending women’s rights when you advocate for abortion, just like people used to justify slavery because the bible said slaves should obey their masters……but seriously, you are somewhere between Stalin and Pol-Pot morality wise.

Come correct, the mass murder of minorities and poor people, in an effort to mitigate inherent weaknesses in Socialist economics, is antithetical to Libertarianism, and to everything this nation was founded upon.

Abortionists are mass murderers, and clinic employees are accessories to mass murder.

If you must advocate for the mass murder, at least approach me next time I am speaking or doing an event, and look me in the eye, and tell me that Alexander Ramsey was not a human being a week before he died, and that my wife should have been allowed to kill him, and that I should have zero say in the matter.

At least be honest about what you are really promoting, especially with yourself. I will still condemn what you are advocating, but at least I could respect your honesty.

While you are at it, tell me there are no equal protection issues at play, when another person’s choice determines if the state puts a gun to my head and extorts me for nearly 2 decades.

Is it plausible a man will one day win a lawsuit and women will be forced to abort, since the “woman’s choice” incurs large financial obligations that result in revocation of a driver’s license and possible jail if not paid? Soon the ensuing chaos may result in the state becoming the entity with power over all life.

“Pro-Choice” becomes baby quotas like Communist China. “No Choice” was always the real end game of the left.

If we end up being the generation that goes down in infamy as the one that forged its own chains with the corpses of its own babies, you will find my name written among those who tried to stop it.

I am pro-choice…..on sex and birth control.

Those are adult free-will choices, and I am not an advocate for denying you any right to choose.

  • Making a choice you later regret does not entitle you to murder the innocent result of that choice.
  • Babies are humans.
  • Murder is wrong.
  • There is no liberty without life.

Ryan Ramsey,

Chairman – Libertarian Party of Bradford County Florida

May 18, 2019

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