North Central Florida has been devoid of organized libertarian activity for a long time. The area is full of libertarians, so perhaps the hyper-individualist mindset prevalent among our tribe is to blame for the lack of organization. Many do not yet know they are libertarians, but a third or more of our neighbors, given a quiz on issues, would be identified as such. Things have changed dramatically over the past year. In Dec of 2015, the Bradford County LPF Affiliate was established. The following April, Bradford County LPF Chairman Ryan Ramsey was elected to represent the region at the LPF annual convention in West Palm Beach. By the fall he had established an active affiliate in Alachua County, in Gainesville, the urban hub of the region and home of The University of Florida. He is now seeking to mobilize the nations third largest party for a special opportunity to affect our State Constitution that comes around only once every 2 decades. “Operation Brushfires”, seeks to empower those Floridians who embrace the principles of personal and economic freedom, and mobilize them to make an impact at the upcoming Constitutional Review Commission in Tallahassee. It only convenes once every 20 years, and has the power to directly add Amendments to the ballot.

The last time it convened was 1997. The fall of that year a young sailor named Ryan Ramsey received orders to a duty station in Jacksonville, Fl. A few months later, he was subjected to an unconstitutional arrest for a firearms charge, while actively serving in defense of the Constitution. He refused a plea offer and eventually forced the State to drop the charge and return his firearm. Having been unlawfully caged at gunpoint forced him to a grim recognition that the enemy of the Constitution was not in some foreign land, but domestic. The beast was here, occupying the halls of power. Determined to keep his oath to defend our inalienable rights, he started on a life of activism. He handed out FIJA pamphlets to prospective jurors. Marched on the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Organized in his community to fight problems the government would not, or could not address. He immortalized the sentiment in the “The Veteran’s Song”.

By 2010 he had founded Jacksonville Open Carry, and led the first “Open Carry Fish-Ins” in Florida, along with fellow gun rights activists from around the state. Florida Carry Inc. was born and is regarded today as one of the most successful grass roots efforts in the nation. His success in the 2010 Senate Committees led him to branch into more arenas with the foundation of the Florida Liberty Project in 2014, which he Chairs, and a seat on the National Council of The Sons and Daughters of Liberty. By 2015 he realized we need Libertarian Representatives and Senators in Tallahassee to make real progress. Both major parties have a stake in the status quo and prefer to maintain it, in a time we need some major changes. Nearly two decades after being drug out of his home by men who do not respect their oaths or the rule of law, he is calling out for the rebels, statesmen, and patriots of Florida to join him in speaking truth to power, and hopefully restoring some of the rights we have lost since 1997. We carry the power of the truth. As Thomas Paine said “An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot”. Samuel Adams and his brethren were no different than you, from all walks of life, and his words were proven true when they chased the redcoats off the continent. It is time to light those brushfires once again, and turn the tide on an ever encroaching darkness.

“Operation Brushfires” is officially underway throughout the state, in the eternal spirit invoked by Mr. Adams that shines through the ages. Ryan will be back at the State Capitol this spring fighting for open carry, and will continue to do until the peoples right to bear arms is at least equal to, and preferably greater than the state’s. It is the only condition amenable to a free society. He and his fellow LPF members and leadership, along with The Florida Liberty Project, and The Sons and Daughters of Liberty, and other allies, intend to bring as many freedom lovers from the area with him to affect as many areas as possible. He and his team will be working hard on Open Carry, the “Jason Westcott Body Camera Bill”, repealing the paramilitary training law, and resisting the creation of a prison for profit cartel in Florida. There are parental rights and environmental issues. We need everyone who can speak to come do it on an issue you are passionate about. We need writers publishing stories about the effort, to help spread the word. This is our chance to set the stage and regain ground. Please join us.

We would love to see a libertarian in every hearing on every issue, making sure our voice is heard. If you do not like to travel, we are working in the local area on an innovative solution we think may satisfy both sides in the mine stalemate in Bradford and Union County. The LP Veterans Caucus is organizing in the area, and each county has issues to be addressed. There is a way you can help, even if you dont know yet what that may be.

Professional or amateur writers, artists, speakers, musicians, photographers, videographers are always in demand. Do you have research skills? Work in the accounting, legal, IT, or data entry fields? perhaps you have managerial or project manager experience. We need you! Are you a member of a church, charity, or community/fraternal organization in the area? Please invite us to speak to your leaders and membership about combining our efforts locally in the areas we ALL agree on (hint—it is most of them). The love of freedom unites us all. Let us join hands and solve the issues in our communities together. We can make government irrelevant. We don’t have to commit armed robbery on each other in the form of taxes and government sponsored usury to solve our problems. We just need to put our heads together and our hands to work.. come join our peaceful army! If you ever wanted to make a difference but did not know how, let us put you to work. Share that idea YOU have, perhaps you will put US to work!

Gaze upon your children for a moment and ask yourself….do they deserve an inheritance of debt…….and eventually slavery? A child born in 2004 already owed $72,051 to the federal government. A child born today owes $154,161. If we do not pick up our pens, guitars, and video cameras, and if we do not speak truth to power and make our voices heard today, the next generation will have to pick up their rifles and make appeals not the legislatures, but to the heavens, before they are forced to add their blood to history’s price of freedom to avoid the tyranny we passed down. Think about it. $150,000 ……. they have already stolen a house, the family home of your children. They will sweat 30 years working and paying a mortgage because of these buffoons running the country. There are 535 of them, are we really going to let them do this?

We can purchase it peacefully if we act quickly. If we do not mobilize we will be responsible for the death and suffering of many in generations to come….in the best case. The worst case holds us liable for mankind’s descent back into serfdom under a ruthless global government, wearing chains forged by the apathy of their forebearers……US….and guided by the principles of Karl Marx that saw over 100,000,000 people murdered in the 20th century. Let us break the cycle, and learn from history.

We will start in our School Boards, City Councils and County Commissions. We will establish our views and make our presence known this spring at the Constitutional Revision Commission in Tallahassee and unite our communities, and in 2 years elect at least one Libertarian from Region 4 to the State House or Senate in 2018.
Whatever your career is….your cause, passion, or hobby……one thing is for certain: the government is taxing or regulating it somehow. You CAN make real change, and we want to show you how and unite you with other patriots in the area.

The following counties of Region 4 remain unaffiliated:

* Hamilton
* Suwanee
* Lafayette
* Dixie
* Gilchrist
* Columbia
* Union

Be a founding father or mother. Contact us for more information on starting an affiliate. Tell a friend or relative. Tomorrow is always too late, stand up now and do something today.

Join the Libertarian Party of Florida at:

Keep up with “Operation Brushfires” news at:

We will post contact information and hearing schedules as they develop.

Email Region 4 State Representative Ryan Ramsey to volunteer, or for more information at:

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