Republican Gun Control – Traitors List

“There are votes worth not being here next year, and this is one of them”

-State Rep. Chris Latvala (R-Clearwater)

By: Ryan Ramsey

Representative Latvala just told you that the Republican Party of Florida, led by Gov. Rick Scott, is now so anti-gun, they would rather be voted out than protect your Second Amendment rights. Obviously I am in favor of replacing them with Libertarians, the true party of personal freedom, economic liberty, and limited, localized government.


There are many urban districts that the Republicans do not field candidates in. There are many rural districts that the Democrats do not field candidates in. There will be Districts that the Libertarian Party will not field candidates in for the upcoming election cycle as well. So, if there is not a Libertarian on your ballot, find a pro-gun Republican to replace these Benedict Arnold legislators, who want your 18-20 year old daughters disarmed and raped, as Politico reported, just to save their spending bills.

The vote analysis is shocking.

1) Republican’s voted 2.85 – 1 to pass gun control

2) Democrats voted 3 – 1 to block gun control

3) The Florida house is 65.81% Republican, 34.18% Democrat. There is NO WAY this shod have ever passed other than outright betrayal of core principles by these dirty rats.

You can confirm your Representatives vote and read the bill history, including Committee votes, and the actual text here. You may find your Representative to see if they were among those who committed treason here.

House vote 67-50. List of Florida House Republican traitors:

Ahern, Albritton, Altman, Avila, Beshears, Bileca, Boyd. Brodeur, Burgess, Burton, Clemons, Corcoran, Cortes B, Cummings, Diaz M, Eagle, Fine, Fitzenhagerr, Goodson, Grant M, Gruters, Hager, Harrell, Harrison, Killebrew, LaRosa, Latvala, Leek, Magar, Mariano, Massullo, McClure, Metz, Moraitis, Nunez, Oliva, Olszewski, Payne, Perez, Peters, Pigman, Plakon, Plasencia, Porter, Raburn, Raschein, Renner, Rodrigues, Rommel, Roth, Santiago, Sprowis, Stevenson, Sullivan, Toledo, Trujillo, Trumbull.

The bill originated in the Florida Senate, sponsored by Governor Rick Scott’s cuckhold, Bill Galvano.
You can look up your Senator to see if they are on the list here.

Senate vote 17-3. List of Florida Senate Republican traitors:

Bean, Benacquisto, Bradley, Brandes, Broxson, Flores, Galvano, Garcia, Hutson, Mayfield, Negron, Passidormo, Perry, Simmons, Simpson, Stargel, Young.

Many of these Constitutional rapists have future aspirations.

Rick Scott wants Bill Nelson’s U.S. Senate seat, and he concocted this bill to appeal to left wing voters in order to get it. Replacing one anti-gunner with another is not a win. We need a pro 2A Senate candidate to run against Rick Scott in a primary, ASAP, and defeat him. Even if a Libertarian runs against him in the general election.

Florida Senator Rob Bradley has been hand picked to Replace Ted Yoho in DC when he term limits in 2020, in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District. We must make sure his political career ends for his treachery, and someone defeats him in a GOP primary for Yoho’s seat, in a referendum on the 2A. Even if a Libertarian runs for the seat in the general election.

Marco Rubio spoke in loud support of this gun control, and supports the coming Republican gun control bills in DC. It will be a couple elections until he is vulnerable, unless GOP voters find a way to recall him or force him to resign, which I encourage.

You see, the Libertarian Party is not like these dirt-bags, we would rather see our natural rights preserved than risk anti-2A candidates being elected if we lose. We are the “Party of Principle”. In any case, do not forget who assisted in the sodomy of lady liberty, we need to start now and make sure this the last term for them ALL.

This is a call to arms for all Florida gun owners. Find out which of these people on the list seek re-election or election to higher office. Make sure they fail. Find out their place of business and make the community aware, and boycott them. Make sure they never dare to abandon the Bill of Rights again, EVER.

I gave them “The Tar and Feather Enemy of Freedom Award” on YOUR behalf, Florida gun owners.

Now it is YOUR turn to be heard.

SB-7026, the ultimate “knee-jerk“:

  1. Steals the inalienable right to bear arms from adults 18-21 of military draft age, violating the Second Amendment.

  2. Allows ex-parte seizure, eliminating the need for a search warrant to enter a residence and sieze guns, and it is NOT limited to mental health. Even misdemeanor offenses can trigger the provision.

  3. Allows all guns in a house to be seized, including room-mate, spouse, or visitor’s guns.

  4. Bans bump-stocks and likely all similar accessories, with no grandfather clause, forcing their destruction by October – or the owners are 3rd Degree Felons. This is the basis for a future ban on all semi-auto firearms in Florida.

  5. Bans current programs that provide for armed and trained individuals in schools, forcing absurd training requirements, like “diversity training”.

  6. Spends $500 million on wasteful programs, many of which have already proven to be ineffective.

  7. Will discourage mentally ill people from seeking treatment due to fear of losing their rights, resulting in more carnage as Floridians do not get help they need. These atrocities will trigger the next round of gun control, and the blood, as well as the tyranny that follow it, will be on the hands of these Benedict Arnold’s.


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