The Rise of LPF Region 4

In less than 24 months a barren 9 county region is transformed into a Libertarian powerhouse. Join us in continuing to build on our success!

In October 2015, the nine counties of LPF Region 4 had zero affiliates and no Regional Representative, due to the former Representative, Crystal Turner, moving out of Florida. The Alachua Affiliate was the last known active presence, and it had disbanded around 2006. With its demise, the Libertarian Party of Florida surrendered important political real estate, The University of Florida. The swamp had been drained of freedom fighters.

On October 8, 2017, Bradford County Chairman and Region 4 Representative, Ryan Ramsey, attended the first meeting of the newly founded Columbia County Affiliate, along with officers members of the Alachua and Bradford County Affiliates. Things are picking up steam, with efforts in 4 more counties underway, coordinated by Representative Ramsey.

columbia meetup

Columbia County Florida – LPF meetup, October 8, 2017


In addition to 3 functioning county affiliates, there are 6 candidates for a variety of local, county, and state offices in the upcoming November 2018 election. An innovative program from the desk of the state LPF Chairman, Marcos Miralles, known as “Operation First Step”, has helped increase the momentum of the area’s Libertarian activity. It was implemented locally with the help of a Miami area Libertarian activist named Pierre Crevaux, who was integral to recruiting many of the areas growing list of candidates. In fact, the Chairman, Nicholas Blanton, and Vice-Chairman, William “Davie” Parrish, are both candidates for the local Soil and Water Board, which is an important body in the area. Region 4 contains many natural resources and agricultural operations, and is in a part of Florida containing the largest concentration of natural springs on the planet.

The story of the Region 4 revival starts in 2014, when a libertarian activist, Ryan Ramsey,  was shopping a bill in the name of a young man killed in a questionable SWAT raid in Tampa, in which the informant later admitted he lied about drug purchases in order to get monetary awards as a paid informant of local police. “The Jason Westcott Body Camera Bill” was discussed with legislators in 2014/15. It was designed to mandate the devices and their uniform implementation in the state, providing an impartial observer to law enforcement interactions with the public and protecting both LEO’s and citizens.

                                    Jason Westcott

Body cameras have a proven track record in reducing the overall need to employ the use of force, as well as helping the budget, with massive annual reductions in lawsuit payouts. Republican legislators were cool on the idea, due to opposition by The Florida Sheriffs Association. Democrats were even less enthusiastic, and the only explanation to be found, was suspicion that they feared a solution to police brutality complaints may lead to the removal of a crucial plank of the victim racket, which is critical to maintaining their political power. Finding no Libertarians in the State House or Senate, Mr. Ramsey set out to change that. The nearest affiliate was in Duval, so he began attending meetings in Jacksonville with Florida Liberty Project co-founder, Brandi Hicks.

There is a love story woven through these events, resulting in two activists falling in love, and Ms. Hicks moved to Starke to be with Mr. Ramsey, The LPF Duval Chairman at that time, James Chipman, encouraged Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Hicks to start an affiliate in Bradford County, and by Christmas, the first LPF Affiliate in Region 4 was chartered in Bradford County. It was probably the worst time to join, as the disgraced former LPF Chair almost succeeded in destroying the party in a bizarre SJW temper tantrum. Having founded the first affiliate in the region and the Regional Representative position being vacant, Chairman Ramsey asked to be appointed to the position. He was rebuffed, as the Chair at that time was part of a faction that was fighting to maintain control, so another individual who lived hours away, outside of the region was appointed.


              Region 4, October 2015, zero affiliated counties

Undeterred, the Bradford Affiliate Chair continued to organize, and made plans to attend the LPF Convention in April, where an election by the residents of the region would be held. It would determine who would be the Regional Representative for the next year. It was a small delegation, but the vote was unanimous, and in April of 2016, Ryan Ramsey was elected to the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Florida, as the Region 4 Representative. He immediately began to execute the first two components of the plan, mobilizing volunteers for the upcoming Presidential Election, and planting the LPF flag at the University of Florida once again. Alachua County was to be the second affiliate. Gainesville, Florida, serves as the urban hub to the mostly rural counties of Region 4, and thus would be the hub of area LPF activity.

There were 2 attempts that failed under suspicious circumstances to affiliate Alachua. Suspecting sabotage of his efforts, Representative Ramsey put together the 3rd attempt in relative secrecy, and it was successful. Events organized around the University of Florida in support of the LP Presidential Candidate were successful in the spring/summer of 2016, and by the fall, the Alachua County LPF Affiliate was born. It was a triumphant moment, for it was done in spite of a hacking attack on Representative Ramsey and his family that started in late spring of 2016, lasting through the primary election, that made it nearly impossible for the Ramsey’s to use electronic communications or internet. It was so bad that when the Representative was involved in a motorcycle accident in October 2016, he could not even dial 911. Freedom is not free, and we should all expect obstacles and resistance if we are to restore the Bill of Rights, so he refused to be discouraged and kept working.


 Region 4, October 2016, Affiliated Counties in Yellow


Politics is said to be war by another means. Accepting a leadership position in the 3rd largest political party in the US, in one of the largest and most important states politically, is to be thrust into conflict. As the party is poised to become a serious challenger to the Democrats and Republicans, elements of both parties are constantly causing mischief, and it is absurd to assume the global government will just allow us to “End the FED”, abolish the IRS, or other long term goals of the party, without attempting to subvert us. They doubtless have infiltrators posing as members bent on causing strife and division, and sabotaging noble efforts, or innovative ideas.

While some have been discouraged by the growing pains, Representative Ramsey feels that we should view the situation in a positive light. The efforts made to undermine LP officers and activities, including the threats of violence at the May 2017 LPF Convention made by the Marxist terrorist group known as ANTIFA, are a sign we are becoming a serious threat to the status quo, which has the DNC and GOP presiding over a gradual slide into total Socialism. You only catch heavy flak over valuable targets. If you are not under attack in the political world you aren’t accomplishing much. Keep up the pressure and soon they will have to face us on the debate stage. In a country where 30% of the electorate share our ideals, it is inevitable, and has the power to nail the coffin shut on Marxism in America. Just continue to do right and fear no man, and the truth will prevail. It was an important insight to keep at the front of ones mind, as things reached a fever pitch going into the contentious election for party officer positions at the April 2017 LPF Annual Business Meeting/Convention.

Representative Ramsey chose to support the charismatic young leader from Miami/Dade Affiliate, Marcos Miralles, for LPF State Chairman. The choice was easy, his affiliate put more Libertarians in office in the November 2016 Election than the rest of the state combined. There were new ideas, tremendous energy, and a candidate who was equally comfortable on English or Spanish language television, where he effectively sold the message of freedom to all of Florida. He was elected Chairman of the LPF by a large margin. Representative Ramsey was beaming with pride at Region 4’s arrival to the 2017 Convention with one of the larger delegations on the floor, and he was honored to be re-elected with a unanimous vote of the delegates.

The new regime did not disappoint. Within a few weeks, “Operation First Step” had helped recruit candidates in 4 different counties in Region 4. Two of those candidates would be a part of the founding of the Columbia County LPF Affiliate, founded in August 2017. Lake City is the second largest city in Region 4, and will be another hub of Libertarian operations, sitting at the crossroads of I-10 and I-75. There are Libertarian candidates filed in neighboring Suwannee County, which is among the front runners to be the next official LPF Affiliate in Region 4.


     Region 4, October 2017, Affiliated Counties in Yellow


Activity in the area is growing rapidly. We are seeking individuals in Suwannee, Dixie, Gilchrist, Lafayette, Union, and Hamilton Counties willing to be part of making Florida free again. We are going to elect Libertarians to the Florida House of Representatives and Senate in coming election cycles, we will deliver Justice For Jason, by passing the body camera bill for Jason Westcott. We will not be deterred by ANTIFA terrorists,  the schemes of major party operatives in our ranks. We will defeat the Marxists at every level of government, education, and media. We have the truth, and that is all we need.

We have officer and volunteer positions available, and we are actively recruiting candidates for the 2018 election.  We are building the foundation for a paradigm shift in American politics that will permanently neutralize Marxism in the US, and restore the inalienable liberties enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Join us in our cause, to leave our children the inheritance of a nation more free than we found it, by bringing our motto to life:

 “Minimum Government – Maximum Freedom”


For more information on helping us grow, contact LPF Region 4 Representative, Ryan Ramsey, at:

(904) 813-9092


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  • Phillip Schneider March 21, 2018 at 8:37 pm Reply

    I love it. It’s great to see the LP growing around the country. It really has to start at the local level before it can become powerful nationally. It would be awesome to live in a libertarian county, anyway.

    • libertarianheathen April 10, 2018 at 12:14 am Reply

      This month I affiliate the 4th county in the area. We are on the move!

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