The Science of Political Opinion, Adding Genetics to the Puzzle

A hypothesis is starting to develop, as studies relating to genetics and how they relate to political inclinations add depth to the neuroscience and psychological research.

By: Ryan Ramsey
Region 4 Representative and Bradford County Chairman,
Libertarian Party of Florida

A friend of mine who follows my work regarding the science of political opinion sent me the video below and it is extremely interesting. I would like to commend those who produced it and Ryan Faulk, who wrote the companion article. While he does come to some incorrect conclusions, the data adds tremendous insight to the other elements I am studying, and this video served as an easily digestable launchpad into the subject.

I am going to forward this article to him and perhaps he will also find missing puzzle pieces, and grow beyond an overly simplistic view based on race. Keep this in mind when you hear him make conclusions in the video like “you need a cult-like or totalitarian system to get latinos to embrace libertarianism”, or that multi-ethnic societies are impossible. He is only working with the information in front of him, processed through the lens of his world view which appears relatively ethnocentric. I will address the error in some of the conclusions in this piece, with insights from the larger information pool, and based on how the other science relates to it.

Set aside his conclusions and focus on how heritability of altruism, kinship coefficient, genetic mesh, and other solid scientific concepts presented.  Contemplate their relation to the neuroscience and psychological elements presented in my last article, a we begin to form a hypothesis of how to create a libertarian future without using offensive force to advance our social or political goals.

The opening portion discusses hard wired beliefs, and the universal fears and wants of humans and even animals. Next it discusses sharing, selfishness, and the friction between the two impulses. Following is mention of other nearly universal influences, such as fear of being ostracized by the group.

I am starting to see that there are levels of belief, starting at root items that are essentially hard wired and universal. Fear of the dark is fear of the unknown, and what are the most effective tools to manipulate people? Fear of the boogeyman, think of the WW-2 looney tunes, the Inquisition,  or the Salem Witch Hunts.

We need to understand how masses can be driven beyond logic by these underlying hard wired items, as well as undertake a study in methods of either using them to our advantage or defending against attempts to use them to undermine the liberty movement.

The next level seems to be tribal sort of things that form the basic conflicts in society. There is solid evidence to show them to be a driving force. What is Socialism vs. Capitalism but an argument over how we should share things as a society?

This explains the polarization of American politics, and also explains the left wing promotion of the welfare state. The Frankfurt School method of increasing the birthrate of the parts of the population inclined to collectivism through the welfare state, while discouraging the productive class from reproducing while attacking the nuclear family on multiple fronts is a genius plan that will result in a future dominated by collectivism if not addressed.

The data shows that a minor difference in birthrate produces dramatic changes without even factoring in the effect of introgression. If one group has a birthrate of 8 and libertarians 1.6, we will be irrelevant in a couple generations.



We need to have a ton more kids, and I am doing my part, as we currently have a bun in the oven. We cannot do it like the leftist eugenicists, by finding ways to to reduce birth among the collectivists, the libertarian solution is to simply create more libertarians. Traditionalism must take a larger role in our movement, and replace nihilistic elements  by spreading this knowledge among libertarians. We have to do a better job articulating the large family as a primary bulwark against the state and the do or die nature of the effort.

The evidence that the genetic component has little effect before the age of 21 makes a powerful case to focus lots of outreach to the youth. In light of the psychological evidence showing how personal identity is related to political identity, if we can foster libertarian views among the youth, we can counteract the genetic predisposition to be an SJW by employing the more powerful urge to maintain their identity as a bulwark against it.

The conclusions that Communism cannot work beyond 150 people or so made in the video are in line with the neuroscience and psychology that relates to this genetic information. The claim only white nationalists have a tried and true system is patently false though, and he presented the evidence in the same video.

He described the genetic predisposition to be an SJW today that would have made one a puritan in another age, or the genetic predisposition to be an anti-Catholic zealot in another time would incline one towards white nationalism today. So these genetic predispositions can take wild variations of expression based on environment.

He also inadvertently pointed out what I discussed in another article about the common and false idea of a collective “white identity” existing in any other time in history. The American Nationalism expressed in the Constitution was this integrated society he claims is impossible.

The differences between a Puritan colonist, a Scottish settler in the Blue Ridge, an Irish Catholic in New York, a German in Wisconsin, and a Dutchman in Pennsylvania – were far greater than the difference between the latinos in the LP in south Florida and myself, for example.

While he is right about the human nature to form groups, he underestimates the power of Harpending’s research he cites. If thrown into a jail full of strangers, the biological urge will be to group with the “whites”. But in the larger sense culture is king. Ironically he also points out the role of genetics in homogenous Japan being stronger because of genetic mesh vs. Japanese in the US.

This proves culture is the ultimate arbiter, and explains how the American ideals of liberty, as expressed in the bill of rights, has been so attractive to so many who have adopted it and created the most prosperous and peaceful nation ever to exist.

This is only the beginning. I am going to start breaking down this data as it will allow us to craft strategy based on issues. What issues are the hardest to convince, which ones are more malleable, so we do not fight genetic predisposition? Let us use science, not our personal pet issues, to determine where to focus legislative efforts and campaign focus to gain momentum.
We need to take that base data and then use the neuroscience and psychological research into crafting ways to bring people into the Libertarian Party while retaining their identity and without forcing them to fight biological revulsion based on genetics. The differences in ethnic and national groups must also be understood in order to create effective outreach to different segments of the population, and in different countries as the libertarian movement rapidly goes global.

I am more hopeful and motivated about the prospect of a libertarian future than ever. We are continuing to discover the mind boggling genius of the men who founded this Country and wrote this Constitution and Bill of Rights. They provide a foundation for the American identity that can unite us as we form a libertarian future, centuries after being written. Study the links below and start thinking about ways to reconcile the genetic component with the psychology and neuroscience, and with failure and success in various efforts in the past.




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